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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Top Ten Battle Music

As promised, here is a second top ten list of video game music, this time focusing on battle themes.

Honorable Mention: The boss battle music from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.

While I’m not sure this song was good enough to make the top ten, a friend of mine brought it up recently, and Superstar Saga is an awesome game that deserves at least an honorable mention. What I didn’t know back when I played the game was that the soundtrack was done by none other than Yoko Shimomura. No wonder it’s so good.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top Ten Pieces of Game Music

Whether you are watching a film or playing a game, music can play a large role in defining the experience. Those memorable pieces stick with us long after we’ve shut our systems off or walked out of the theater, and they’re a large part of what makes visual media so engaging. Being a fan of RPGs, I have heard many wonderful pieces of music from many talented composers. What follows are ten pieces of non-battle music from games I have played. A list of battle music might come somewhere down the road.

10- The Poem for Everyone’s Souls (Persona 3)

7/22/2012 Update

So, in a weekend full of Rising Dark Knights, I've been playing an RPG featuring the original Dark Knight of the RPGverse, Cecil. Specifically, I've been playing Interlude, the brief chapter that takes place between Final Fantasy IV and it's recent sequel The After Years, packaged neatly together in the Complete Collection for PSP (should I ever review the PSP version of IV, I'll probably make an argument as to just how 'complete' said collection really is, but that's not what I'm here to discuss). Honestly, it'd be impossible to recommend The Complete Collection to people who have already played the aforementioned games on the merits of Interlude alone. It's a brief (maybe two hours long) chapter that fills in a tiny gap between the two main games, that takes you through three recycled dungeons from FFIV (including the freaking Sealed Cave).

Meanwhile, I'm still playing Persona 3. While I'm still enjoying the game very much, it is getting a tad long, and I have a feeling I've got a long ways to go. I'm pretty sure now that I won't be moving on to the extra FES content after finishing the main game, or at the least I'll take a break to play Dream Drop Distance for a bit when it comes out.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Deck Profile: Masked Heroes

Ok, I lied. The deck profile AFTER this will be about Malefics.

Credit goes to Youtuber Chroahcresta, Hero user and duelist extraordinaire whose deck ideas helped greatly with the construction of this particular deck.

Elemental Heroes are one of the longest-running archtypes in Yu-gi-oh, making their debut as the cards used by protagonist Jaden Yuki in the second anime series, Yu-gi-oh GX. Heroes have managed to stick arpund in various forms ever since then, with Destiny Heroes and Evil Heroes being introduced throughout GX's run, and with new monsters being introduced in the GX manga. This Hero deck utilizes a unique subset of Heroes introduced in the manga, one that doesn't see a lot of play; the Masked Heroes. Like Batman, these masked avengers are here to win your duels. That is to say, if Batman was a Yugioh player. And he dueled for you. Umm...

Unlike their counterparts, the Masked Heroes don't have enough cards to support an entire deck on their own- counting their key Spell card, Mask Change, there are only five of them available in the Trading Card Game. Still, utilizing these cards in an Elemental Hero deck adds a surprising amount of versatility to the deck.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Final Fantasy VII PC Rerelease: The Fanboys Strike Back

So, Final Fantasy VII is getting a PC rerelease! Yeah, apparently they're adding an achievement system, upscaling the game to HD, and adding an optional feature that'll make the game easier for potential newcomers. Sounds cool, right? I mean, it's a completely harmless gesture by Square Enix to make one of their best games available to more people. A nice little present that nobody is being forced to buy.

Oh, right. I forgot who I was dealing with for a second.